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Tre video amatoriali italiani hard gratis brune desiderose che condividono l'uccello di Seth tra di loro

Sex Addicts Anonymous. SEX ADDICTS ANONYMOUS 3 NYMPHOMANIACS CONFESS TO COMPULSIVE & DESTRUCTIVE SEXUAL HABITS IN SUPPORT GROUP SCENE OPENS on Marlene (Reagan Foxx), Laura (Jaye Summers), and Bianca (Jane Wilde). They all hold coffee cups and look nervous and somewhat uncomfortable, fidgeting in their chairs. They sit in a circle. They eye each other warily before shifting their gaze to Robert (Seth Gamble), a charming, handsome and sympathetic-looking man. 'As you know, my name is Robert... And I'm an addict,' Robert says.B Ut like all of them, it's not heroin or booze that's his addiction and affliction --he's a sex addict, he continues.H E's been in recovery for 5 years now, and leading meetings like this for 3, Robert goes on.H E's sure they've noticed that this is a much smaller group than they're all used to, Robert continues.' I invited each of the three of you to come tonight because you've each stood out to me in the regular meetings due to the fact that each of your stories is particularly... Troubling,' he adds, 'and felt you might benefit from some special attention.' Again, the three ladies eye each other curiously.S O he'd like to thank them all for coming, he continues.A S they work through their steps, they are offered the chance to tell their stories, he goes on.O F course, sharing is NOT obligatory, but video amatoriali italiani hard gratis it can be a very helpful tool in recovery, so he would like to now go around in a circle, he continues.' Please introduce yourselves, and if you're comfortable... Share,' he says. CUT TO TITLE 'And we can begin with you,' Robert says kindly, indicating Marlene.S He hesitantly describes being tricked into fucking her boyfriend and her stepdaughter by the manipulative daughter.T He event traumatized her, causing her to associate family with sex. Robert looks at her kindly.T Hanks for sharing Marlene, he says.T Hat kind of experience can send you into behavior loops and patterns that you think you'll never break free from, he continues.' But I promise you---and I'M living proof---I promise you that there IS an answer out there for you,' he says kindly.M Arlene smiles thinly at him. Next, Bianca shares her story of being blackmailed into cheating on her boyfriend when she was 19 while, unbeknownst to him, he listened on the phone.A S he listens, a look of lust comes over Robert and he licks his lips subtly.T He women don't notice.Si Nce then, Bianca adds, she's lost her innocence and no longer believes in monogamy, feeding her addiction by fucking random men.T Hanks for sharing, Robert says to Bianca.' It's important to remember that your past doesn't define you, and your past ACTIONS don't define you.Y Ou can DECIDE to be something new every day,' Robert says.A Nd THAT, is the way to move forward, he adds. When it's time for Laura to speak, she shares her story of losing her virginity just after she turned 18.A S she was fucking for the first time, a group of people watched and filmed everything, ultimately posting the video online.A S Laura speaks, we focus in on Robert, who we see is subtly and, apparently unbeknownst to the women, fondling his crotch.H E has seemingly been doing it for the entire time Laura has been speaking.L Aura expresses that she's fearful because the events of that night have caused her to become a thrill-seeker and engage in increasingly risky sex acts.T Hanks for sharing Laura, he smiles.' And that's the first step, isn't it?A Dmitting that you can't control yourself, admitting that you're POWERLESS over your addiction,' Robert says. Well, I'm here to give you a WAY to take back the power, to take CONTROL over that addiction, Robert says.A Nd there's only one way to do that, he continues.B Y EMBRACING their urges, not RUNNING from them, he continues.H E can HELP them become at peace with it, he says.H E can help them see the freedom in surrendering themselves to it... TOGETHER, he adds, looking at them lustfully and licking his lips suggestively.I T becomes clear what he means.W -what the fuck is wrong with you?, Bianca says incredulously, gathering her things and getting up to leave.F Ucking sicko!, Laura says, shaking her head in disbelief.S He too begins to gather her things and prepare to leave.M Arlene is at a loss for words, her face a mask of shock as she wordlessly gets up to follow the other two women.' I wouldn't do that if I were you,' he says evenly.T Hey stop in their tracks.W Hy NOT?, Demands Laura.' Why should we listen to ANOTHER word that you have to say, you fucking pervert?? ' Bianca asks. 'People need to be so CAREFUL about what they say these days, given all the technology that we have at our fingertips. It's so... EASY to say something in the wrong place... At the wrong time.A Nd it's even EASIER to make sure that the whole world finds out about it,' he says smarmily.R Ealization dawns on the women's faces as they look around, searching for something.' And of course once something gets on the internet these days, it never really goes away, does it?' So, if they want to avoid that... He suggests that they reconsider leaving, Robert says. 'The world already KNOWS every inch of me.I Don't have to listen to your pathetic threats,' Laura says, turning to go.' No, you DON'T have to, but you WANT to,' Robert says to Laura.H E has clearly struck a nerve.' Don't you Laura?' He asks softly.' You're always trying to satisfy that urge, aren't you?Y Ou ALL are.T Hat's why you're HERE, isn't it?' Robert asks all three women.H E is clearly getting to them, they are shaking their heads but it's very half-hearted and their body language suggests they're considering not leaving.' You're ALL just looking for an excuse to give in.W Ell, I'm GIVING you that excuse,' Robert continues.' This IS the answer waiting out there for you,' he continues, looking at Marlene.' You can rid yourself of all this regret by just accepting that this is who you really are,' he continues.' You have no IDEA who we really are,' Laura spits back at him.' Of course I do, because I'm the SAME as you.T He only difference is that I've accepted it.S O... Will you let me help YOU accept it?,' Robert asks.T He women look at each other with uncertainty, biting their lips, their resolve clearly weakening.F Inally, they relent, the three of them saying ok, yes, and alright, in hushed and defeated tones. They sink to their knees in front of Robert, powerless over their dark desires.

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